Beck's typewriter and office machine museum in Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland Beck's typewriter and office machine museum in Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland
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Sholes & Glidden - 1874
Crandall - 1886
Columbia Index Mod. 1 - 1884
Salter Mod. 5 - 1892
Lambert - 1896
Edelmann - 1897
Diskret - 1898
Mignon Mod. 2 Rot - 1902
Darling - 1911
Virotyp - 1914
Mignon Mod. 2 Rot - 1902

Mignon Mod. 2 Rot - 1902

This little machine was manufactured by the Union Schreibmaschinen GmbH, understood to be the property of as a writing machine subsidiary of the Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft, Berlin, the largest concern in its field in Germany. The same interests are also making a standard type bar typewriter mentioned elsewhere and named the A.E.G.
The Mignon is a machine which departs generally from the so-called standard keyboard and type bar construction. It might be called an indicator type of machine, for on the left part there is a printed character table near which dangles a stylus or pointer which is used to manipulate the machine in printing of desired characters. A small bar, a sort of abbreviated space bar in appearance, is pressed down in printing, which is done trough a ribbon from a long cylindrical type wheel.
Mention of this little machine in 1908, when it is understood to have been priced at 100 Marks, indicated a good sale at that time. Especially during the World War was it broadly distributed, its interchangeable type wheel and the novelty of like change of the character chart making it quite popular.